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Miss Mossy

Miss Mossy


Natural moss agate 35mm donut on 1.5mm brown leather cord. Front and back pics! You decide your side! Or let someone else decide for you if you are indecisive. Or switch sides halfway through the day for the best of both worlds! Or just don’t worry about sides and gift them to someone else!

Moss agate is believed to tap into our creative energy and brings us closer to nature. It promotes tranquility, emotional stability, and abundance. 

  • Care Instructions

    For regular maintenance and to keep your piece clean, use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to wipe the leather clean.

    Try not to get your leather wet. If leather gets wet, immediately dry with a soft cloth and then allow to air dry.

    To condition leather, use a gentle leather conditioner or use a dab of coconut oil and gently work it into the leather. Wipe off any excess oil.

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