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Wholesale Info and Order Forms

             Hello. My name is Beth Auten, the founder and artistic director of Not Quite Quotes LLC, a Georgia based company that was established in 2019. I specialize in saltwater etched jewelry and thing-a-ma-jigs.

              At Not Quite Quotes I handmake gifts with personality and humor. I etch metal products using the application of saltwater and electricity along with sarcasm and profanity. The chlorine in the saltwater naturally corrodes many metals over time, but when you add electricity, it speeds up this process exponentially. 

             I have created a list of products we offer wholesale as well as the order form link below. Orders are processed and delivered within 25 business days. Minimum orders per item and design option apply to receive wholesale prices. When you place your order, an itemized invoice will be sent with shipping included. Once payment is received, I will start handmaking your order and send it out ASAP.

Goldsmith Studio
Metallic Letters
Jewelry Workbench
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